More about Managed WordPress Hosting

Our ReallyGreen Managed Hosting packages really are something different. We take care of your website, allowing you to focus on your business.

Managed WordPress Hosting – Our Three Commitments:

1. Backups are our responsibility

All too often, hosts will offer a backup facility but then explain they accept no responsibility should this backup fail or prove to be unusable.  Depending on your chosen package, we offer daily backups or weekly backups to a secure remote location. We know how important your website is, so we make it our business to keep it safe.

2. WordPress Core and Plugin Updates – Best Practice.

Ever looked in to your WordPress dashboard and find lots of updates, but are nervous to update these for fear of causing problems? Or wonder,  if your WordPress site is functioning perfectly, why should it need updating? The short answer is that both WordPress and its plugins do need to be updated on a regular basis, (Google’s webmaster tools will always recommend updating to the latest version of WordPress for SEO purposes alone). But there is a small risk that something may break during the update process. So for your convenience and piece of mind, we keep your WordPress core and plugins up to date and, as an extra, can solve any problems that may arise.

3. Maximum Security.

Our hosting infrastructure is provided and maintained by a UK market leader,  so you can be safe in the knowledge that our systems are secure. ReallyGreenWP have over a decade of experience of building and maintaining WordPress sites, so have known what has happened when the screen goes black, or isn’t there any more, or is being redirected to a miracle cure for hair loss… So we also know how to avoid it.


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