Managed WordPress Hosting

With our ReallyGreen Managed WordPress Hosting packages we take care of your website while you focus on your business.

Managed WordPress Hosting packages

Starter – £7.50 per month

Our entry level plan if you’re just starting out or for established small websites or blogs looking for a better home.

1GB storage & 2,000 page views

We have the essentials covered with this package:

    • Fast server
    • WP pre-installed
    • WP & plugin updates taken care of
    • Advanced security – hacker-free guarantee
    • Daily backups and managed restore

If you’ve experienced cheap hosting from a big hosting company, this package will be a good step up in terms of service, speed and security

Standard – £10.00 per month

Our Standard plan is for larger sites with more visitors.

2.5GB storage and 5,000 page views

In addition to covering the essentials (above), this package includes:

    • Additional performance optimisations to speed up your site
    • Plugin conflict troubleshooting
    • Mandrill® email integration for tracking site messages
    • Monthly Google Analytics reports

If you’ve experienced cheap hosting from a major hosting company, this package will be a big step up in terms of service, speed and security.

Premium – £15.00 per month

Performance driven WordPress Hosting plan.

Additional resource allocation over other plans. Ideal for larger, higher traffic sites with more functionality, like e-commerce and membership systems.

10GB storage and 25,000 page views

In addition to items in the other packages, this package includes:

    • Even greater speed with Varnish cache
    • Priority support
    • Comment & Registration Anti-SPAM
    • Ongoing database optimisation
    • Error log monitoring

If you’ve experienced cheap hosting from a major hosting company, this package will be a massive step up in terms of service, speed and security.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting


Even the simplest of WordPress sites need updating. Ever been annoyed by those update notices? Ever been scared to update for fear of breaking your WordPress site? Well fear no longer. Invest in one of our managed WordPress hosting packages and we will take care of these updates and monitor for conflicts.


A hacked website could mean that your beloved site starts serving up dodgy emails, promoting miracle hair-loss cures or destruction of all your content. We implement a range of measures from daily malware scanning to actually modifying WordPress to make it more resilient. We have outlined a few of these measures here. For a more detailed explanation of WordPress security issues and preventative measures, you should check out this great talk by Tony Perez .

These will help prevent such attacks, and we will clean up should anything go wrong.


Ever wondered what would happen if your website just disappeared? Or how much your website content is actually worth? As the answer to both of those questions is a bit too scary for us to think about, we eliminate the problem.

Our daily, weekly, and monthly multi-location backups ensure that whatever happens, we’ve got it covered. We’ll restore your site if anything goes wrong.

Speed & Reliability

Website speed is so important. Visitors won’t hang around if it takes too long for your pages to load and Google won’t rank your site highly either. If you’ve used cheap hosting from one the massive hosting companies, then you might know what a slow website is like.

We use fast hardware, don’t overload our servers and throw in some WordPress tweaks to deliver your website to the world in short time.

Learn more about our managed WordPress hosting here.

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