Hedge Fund

Wild cherry in flower

Wild cherry in flower

A core part of our values is to enhance the natural landscape and to do no harm. Not only do we therefore provide green hosting we are also dedicating a tree in a new hedge to each of our hosted websites.

A hedgerow is important to wildlife for so many reasons; it provides an essential corridor for small mammals such as dormice, it also provides essential food for a wide range of animals and insects. A hedgerow is important to the environment because it also absorbs C02.

The hedge is locally provenanced, mainly hazel and hawthorn, and also contains specimens such as wild damson, wild cherry, crab apple, alder buckthorn, dog rose and guelder rose.

We planted the hedge in 2011 with 600 saplings. It has grown tremendously, with some trees now being around 10 feet tall. In the spring, blossom has been starting to appear, providing early nectar for insects, and some of the fruiting trees are now providing berries and fruits in the autumn for the birds.

Join us and help us grow.

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