Website Visitor Traffic Doubled for Environment Organisation

increase website visitorsSince we rebuilt Denmark Farm’s website and started supporting them on a regular basis, their decline in visitor traffic has not only been halted, but has been dramatically reversed.

The number of page views per month has more than doubled, from 2,584 (Dec 2012) to 5,343 (March 2013); more visitors are viewing more pages.

Denmark Farm were actively gaining support among like minded organisations, were looking to launch a social media campaign but needed a more solid central hub from which they could co-ordinate this activity. They already had a WordPress website, but it was built on an old theme and they were struggling to update it. They’d had a nice header designed, but the rest of the site looked dated. One of the main problems for visitors was that the content had become unstructured and so it was difficult to navigate and find information.

They were also complaining that the website pages were taking ages to load.

The organisation had big plans for 2013 and really needed a website that matched their ambition!

How we helped double website visitor traffic

Firstly, we threw away their clunky old theme and rebuilt the site from the ground up using a search engine optimised framework. This alone would have decreased page load times and increased search-engine visibility. It also simplified the back-end of the site, making administration more manageable.

On top of that we designed a colourful new layout, in keeping with some existing branding material, that displays key information in easy-to-spot places.

We then overhauled the menu and navigation structure into clear options based on expected visitor pathways, making it much easier for visitors to find important content.

And last but not least, we hosted the website on our fast server. This has radically increased the speed of their website, which makes it more likely that visitors will stay on the site to view more pages, and also helps improve search engine ranking.

Denmark Farm, as a conservation focused organisation, were initially attracted to ReallyGreen by our environmentally friendly WordPress hosting, but they have been delighted with the other services that we provided, from their new website to the ongoing support and maintenance that we provide.

We help them to add more content and display it better, and they can rest assured that we are working hard to keep their website safe, secure and in tip-top condition.

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  1. Oliver Swann

    Seriously, as a web support company you should not attribute the increased traffic solely to adopting a new wordpress theme or improving server speed.

    Their increase in traffic comes about through the increased interest in the issues and content on their website, and support of larger organisations like ours.


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