Why do I need environmentally friendly website hosting?

Like aeroplanes and cars, websites produce greenhouse gases, which cause climate change.

It will come as no surprise that computers use energy, but it’s not immediately obvious just how much electricity they use, especially when that computer is as remote as the server your website is hosted on. The Internet actually has a large and rapidly growing impact because of its energy use – about 4% of global electricity use.

The computer your website is hosted on (server) is always switched on in the expectation that someone, any where and at any time, may visit your site. And then, every time someone views your website, the computer has to use a bit more power to serve up your webpage. More power is used to serve more data, so the larger the file size of your site elements, the more power is required – images, music, and videos will need increasing amounts of electricity to be downloaded.

In addition, computers warm up when they are working and have to be cooled to prevent them from overheating. Servers are usually air or water-cooled by fans or pumps, which also use electricity. Inefficient cooling systems can use as much electricity as the operational part of the computer.

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