We are a small, Wales-based company with a keen interest in environmental issues.

We focus on building websites for individuals and small to medium sized organisations while providing a personal, high-quality service that far exceeds that of the major hosting companies. Because we’re WordPress specialists, we know we can build a great WordPress website for a very competitive price.

As lovers of the web, we feel a responsibility to help minimise its negative impacts, but we realised there was a relatively poor supply of green website hosting, especially at a reasonable price.

Not only is our hosting very green, our whole business is very environmentally friendly. We buy our electricity from renewable sources and even generate some of our own with a solar panel. Some of our heating is provided by a log burning stove and so is carbon neutral.

We even have our own nature reserve that we actively manage.

We are a ‘decentralised-organisation’, meaning that we work remotely, making the most of modern communications technology. This way we avoid the financial and resource requirements of traveling to an office – it means we are more cost-effective and so cheaper than most companies, and also have less of a negative impact on the environment.

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