Why WordPress?

The most user friendly website Can be developed for any online function Loads of freely available online support Future-proof It’s cheap to developRead More »

Why is website speed so important?

The faster your site loads, the better, mainly because people absolutely HATE slow websites. If your page takes too long to load, then the chances are that your visitor will give up and go somewhere else. You might even be frustrated with your own website’s speed, especially while you are updating WordPress from the dashboard. […]Read More »

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Right For You?

Managed WordPress hosting might be a little more expensive than “bare-bones” hosting, but unless you have a lot of WordPress experience or are more technically minded, a managed package will take a lot of the headache out of running your own site. You need to keep WordPress updated, your plugins updated, and you want your […]Read More »

What does WordPress website optimisation mean?

Essentially, it means that we make your WordPress website faster – we run a number of processes to improve page load time. We run an analysis to determine the existing performance of your website – can can provide a baseline score. That will inform us of things that are slowing your site down. There are […]Read More »